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Company Background

Company Background

BT1 Garage Door Company was founded on core Christian values with the well being of our employees as the first priority. Just like a garage door, the quality, condition, and the level of care of its parts will directly affect how well the system functions. It is our hope every member that joins our team will grow both professionally and personally with us and can say they became a better person as a result.

We invest heavily in providing personal growth opportunities for our employees through technical training, leadership workshops, advancement opportunities, and money management courses. With happy and healthy employees we can operate at our best, with the character, dedication, and personal attention of a local family owned business. Our success is based on how much our employees grow not our profits.

Chris Osteen - BT1 Garage Door Company
Chris Osteen, a native of Hendersonville, TN founded BT1 Garage Door Company as a means not only to support his own family, but also to create opportunities for others; the same opportunities and support that he himself feels so incredibly blessed to have received. BT1, “Be The One”, is derived from the bible verse Luke 17:11-19 in reference to ten lepers who asked Jesus Christ for mercy, and upon granting their request, only one returned to praise God and give him thanks. After enduring a troubled childhood and battling his own personal demons into his early adulthood, Chris credits Jesus Christ for saving him in 1995 with the support of close friends, family, and mentors, and was able to turn his life around. Newly wed to his wife Leigh Ann in 1996, and with his faith in Jesus Christ, Chris vowed to prove anybody wrong that had doubted or dismissed him. He came to realize that he should have been thanking God instead. Despite failing health, his strong faith, hard work, and modest lifestyle has allowed him to become financially independent and debt free, but still unfulfilled. Reflecting on how he got there and feeling the need to do more to help, Chris founded BT1.
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